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We have a reusable reskinnable engine that allows clients to use their own artwork and formatting that is automatically reformatted across the all our supported devices.
Our engine is natively written in Objective C and Java for each platform so this is not the clunky HTML webapp.

What does this mean for me?
This means that it is a true app disributed throught the AppStore and GooglePlay. It means the app runs far faster than a web page, will load up even without wifi or cellular signal, and includes a host of other benefits not possible from web pages

  • Reminders can pop up on the phone even when the app isn’t running
  • GPS signal can be picked up for outdoor or suitable venues to remap their position on any maps.
  • Saves battery life as far more optimal than web pages (The engine even asks the user if they want to enter power saving mode when running low to disable network and GPS )
  • Large data can be handled easily
  • Touch responsiveness is far superior than found in web pages.  Looks slicker and just feels much better for the user as it’s far more responsive.
  • Accessibility options are built into the engine so can read out names of buttons and text if the user enables the option.
  • Hot swapping between apps is possible without reloading anything
  • Even Facebook has agreed native apps are the way forward instead of web pages and has rewritten their mobile site as native code.
  • Time aware, allows you to have a timezone enabled device