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We are a team of innovative technology developers focusing on creating bespoke applications and services tailored to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and web sites.

Founded in 2010 by Entertainment industry veterans Stuart Radforth & Steve Tyson to provide cross platform technology experiences for the mobile and web market.

One of our products is an engine named Triangulate that allows us to jump start development on many information based applications such as conferences, exhibitions, tourism and festivals. The engine allows content to work fully offline, generate native apps available on the respective appstores, allow local and push notifications, GPS based information much more that synchronizes with the data clients enter in our web portal.

Another product we make is AutoFwd which is a free service to use and allows sharing a single short URL with anyone and it will download the appropriate app for the device that clicked on the link. This means users can get your application instantly without needing to search and app developers can get notified of which platforms there is demand for.

We also create white labelled based applications for a very wide range of industries which can not be disclosed. These white labelled projects involve many PLC companies and used in time critical situations, data visualization and 3D rendering.

One other field we can help in is in the emerging Digital Currencies such as Bitcoin for next generation e-commerce solutions. We have worked on these since 2011 so have blockchain and cryptography experience in house as well.

If you need a specific tailored solution made we will be happy to see what we can do to help and offer a free quotation for any work.